Terms of use of Betsfy Ranking

Who participates in the ranking?

All Betsfy users registered in the Betsfy Advance service.

Calculation of the ranking portions

The ordering criteria of the Betsfy Ranking is the Profit units of tip quotas verified by the platform. For this, published live tips will not be taken into account. If this type of tips is made, it will be corrected as void, with no impact on the ranking. Also, any tip not considered as completely won or lost, will be considered void in the verification. On Betsfy we are working to incorporate both types of tips (live and partial corrections) to our service and it will be communicated to the users at the moment when both are available.

Changes in the user’s position in the ranking will only occur when the platform verifies that the results are correct.

In case of a tie, the platform will generate an automatic draw to decide the positions in the ranking.

Ranking types

Monthly: temporal ranking that includes a calendar month. It is from 00:00 h. on the 1st of each month, until the last day of that same month at 23:59 h.

*UTC time

Tip assignment of month

Each tip will belong, regarding to the monthly or weekly rankings, to the temporary period (month or week) that was defined as the event date. Regardless of the end of that event, its correction or verification, could happen in the following period:

E.g.: a match starts on January, 31st at 22:45, but does not end until 00:30 h. on February, 1st. This match will be part of the ranking of January. Regardless of its ending, it will be corrected and verified on February.

Winners and final positions of the rankings

Once the temporary period of a ranking has ended, the results will be temporary and provisional for 72 hours. During this period, possible and detected incidents, or claims by users, as well as the verification of results of the last period days will be reviewed.

Once this period has elapsed, the platform will communicate Betsfy users the top 10 of each ranking and the final positions of the same. From this moment, the positions will not change.

Requirements to appear in the ranking list

  • Have the Betsfy Advance service active
  • Have at least 5 tips verified by Betsfy

Interruptions in Betsfy Advance service

Those users who enter in the middle of a period will immediately participate in that ranking with all the tips verified by the platform. They will be able to be the winner of that ranking if they achieve a higher profit than the rest of the participants.

Those users who have interrupted the Betsfy Advance service will stop appearing in the rankings. When they re-hire the Betsfy Advance service, they will appear again in the ranking, keeping their previously obtained profit with the verified tips. Tips that the user has made without belonging to Betsfy Advance will not be part of the ranking, since they are not verified. Users who have interrupted the Betsfy Advance service could be the winners of the rankings as long as: their profit is superior to the rest of the participants, and they are in the Betsfy Advance service at the end and proclamation of results.

Reset of statistics and loss of positions in the rankings in progress

If the user reset his personal statistics, he will lose the profit of all tips. So he will also lose the predictions of the current rankings, having to start all over again, in addition to not being in the rankings for not fulfilling the minimum verified tips.

The reset of the statistics is an irreversible action. In case a user does it, the loss of his profit in the rankings and, therefore, his position is also irreversible.

In those rankings already closed, previous months or weeks, the user will keep the achieved positions.

Reasons why a user may not appear or may be excluded from the ranking

  • Users who have expired Betsfy Advance service and have not renewed it
  • Users that do not meet the minimum verified tips in that ranking