Betsfy Advance

Welcome to Betsfy Advance! You are one step away from improving your visibility and increasing followers in Betsfy. How? Thanks to Betsfy Advance, an exclusive program with the best tools to become a professional tipster.

Advance Advantages

Join and access to our premium services.

Betsfy Advance

Verification of results

Access the service of verification and correction of tips, to validate your results, generate your own statistics and participate in our Betsfy rankings.

Validate your results and grow your community!

Betsfy Advance

Complete statistics

With Betsfy Advance service you will have complete statistics in your profile, with the latest information about your tips.

Betsfy Advance

Get more visibility and increase your followers

Prove that you are the best tipster in any of our rankings and get prizes and exclusive services, such as:

  • Improve your positioning as a Tipster on the platform
  • Get more followers
  • Customised advantages

Live Wall

More interaction and greater visibility thanks to the new Live Wall

Now, by subscribing to the Advance service, you will also have the new Live Wall, in order to publish your tips and comments about live events. With all its new changes:

  • You can post photos and videos
  • Live tips

And your publications will have a prominent place in the timeline of your followers, thanks to the new BLive slide, where your Live will be kept for 24 hours.

Take the leap and become a Professional Tipster

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