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What is Betsfy?

Betsfy is an exclusive social network for the world of sports betting where users, tipsters, professional coaches and books interact by offering information and free or paid services for use or subscription.

Betsfy allows users to find the best bets from tipsters around the world and become tipsters creating their own tips.

Why should I use Betsfy?

Betsfy is an exclusive network about sports betting. With Betsfy, you will not need to check multiple platforms to find the best tips to maximise your investments.

Is Betsfy a book?

No, it’s not a book. Betsfy is a platform that allows users to spread information about sports betting, but these bets have to be done in the usual operators.

How can I become a Betsfy user?

You simply need to register through our website or the iOS or Android apps. You can create your own personalised profile from your account.

What is a “Tipster”?

A Tipster is a person who makes and publishes tips about sporting events.

How can Tipsters benefit from Betsfy?

Any tip a Tipster shares in Betsfy includes a unique link. If someone registers in a book following that link, the user who shared the tip receives a commission. The Tipster also has access to set up a subscription to charge for the access to its Premium tips.

What is the benefit for people seeking advice?

Thanks to the statistics shown in the App, users can find the tipsters with the highest percentage of right guesses or profit margins in the tips. Users also can follow them and access their recommendations in a comfortable and real-time manner. Basically, Betsfy brings together in one App the necessary information to get a good tip at the best time.

What tips can be published?

Users can post suggestions and make tips in all leagues and competitions.

What can a user put in its profile?

Each user can post comments, videos, audios, images and tips about the main leagues and competitions.

Do I have to pay to use the Betsfy platform?

Betsfy does not charge for the use of the App or the registration of an account; it only requires a fee payment for access to the Premium tips made by professional tipsters.

Why are there no bets on my timeline?

If your timeline has no publications, go to the search engine and follow more tipsters. In this way, gradually, you will see more tips in your timeline.

What is a verified user?

A verified user is a tipster who manages to meet these two conditions:

  • Have more than 3000 followers
  • Have more than 100 successful tips

What are the advantages of being a Verified User?

As a Verified User you can activate subscriptions and have affiliations with books in the best market conditions.

What type of publications can I make?

You can make these types of publications:

  • Text
  • Text + audio
  • Text + image
  • Text + video
  • Tip + audio
  • Tip + image
  • Tip + video

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