Become a verified user and enjoy the benefits of sharing tips with your followers.

Why verified?

  • Exclusivity and security

    Verified users are successful bettors. They publish many tips, have a large number of followers and positive yields.

  • Earn money with subscriptions

    Verified users can earn money, apart from making bets, by offering temporary subscriptions to their tips to their followers.

  • Agreements with bookmakers

    Verified users can earn money through agreements with bookmakers.

  • Greater visibility on Betsfy

    Verified users have more visibility in searches and platform lists, so you can easily increase your number of followers.

  • Audiovisual content

    Verified users can upload video and audio content to the platform; something that normal users can not do.

To become verified, start by…

Sharing your tips

It will help you to have visibility and increase your community.

Publishing attractive content

Make it more visual by uploading images and videos.

Increasing your followers

Try to increase your followers by offering interesting content.

Maintaining a positive yield

Your performance will improve thanks to your publications and your followers.

Would you like to become a verified user?

You have two options:

Show your quality in the platform or present your credentials to be verified by our group of experts.

Win the status on Betsfy

This is the most natural way to become a verified user, since it is based on your results in the platform.

To achieve this status, you must overcome these goals:

  • Get 3,000 followers
  • Create 100 tips
  • Have a positive yield

All bettors who reach those three milestones will be automatically promoted to the verified user status.

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